We value the personal and professional relationships formed throughout our 57 years of business. As we adjust during these unprecedented times, maintaining community is vital. We are pleased to bring you these virtual learning and meeting opportunities and look forward to joining you and your team.


Virtual LA CES™ Education Sessions


Credits: 1.5 PDH – HSW
Instructors: Brie Hensold and Gina Ford, co-founders of Agency Landscape + Planning

Webinar imagines three lessons learned from post-disaster, resiliency planning and design work: Adapt Faster, Plan Collectively and Reclaim the Public Realm. Register for date above.

Learning Objectives: 
Learn about the environmental, cultural and economic shifts already happening during this global pandemic | Discover historic examples of how pandemic and other climate-related disasters have influenced design and planning | Understand a series of case studies of design and planning work that addresses issues that have surfaced during this pandemic, including speed of cultural change, the varying uses of public space and environmental justice movements.


Credits: 1.0 PDH – HSW
Instructor: Joy Kuebler, RLA | President of Joy Kuebler Landscape Architect, PC | Trustee NY Upstate Chapter ASLA

PowerPoint presentation teaches why the street is an important part of our social and transportation structures. Register for date above.

Learning Objectives:
Develop an understanding of the “Street” as Public Realm and how it has changed over the last century | Understand the goals of transportation engineering and the recent changes to federal highway design policy | Understand our present public health and ecological crises and how Complete Streets can impact it | Discussion of four major geographic demographics impacted by having or not having Complete Streets | Develop an understanding of local and national “Complete Streets Policies” | How Streets can become “More Complete” through landscape architecture


Credits: 1.0 PDH – HSW  |  Instructor: Determined by location.

PowerPoint presentation educates the attendee about the structural and aesthetic qualities and implementation techniques of site furnishings. Register for a date above or request a session for your team using COURSE REQUEST. Single session course, content is repeated each session.

Learning Objectives:
Develop an understanding of all types of site furnishings | Understand the materials used in production of these products and the pros/cons of each | Discuss aesthetic applications of each material and product design | Discuss the many different project types that may require, or could be enhanced by, site furnishings | Develop an understanding of local and national ADA standards regulations | Look into the future: What are future modifications, uses, and applications of site furnishings?


Virtual Relay Presentation


Instructor: Mike Noone, Market Analyst and Solution Developer

Planning and running a smart city, modern park, or campus depends on a stream of secure, accurate, real-time data that can be used to make remarkable changes in how we can optimize the use of resources. Relay technology provides it in a street-level sensor that measures fill level, weight and temperature inside waste receptacles, and air quality, foot traffic and noise pollution on the outside. Providing insight for years to track and tackle everything from waste management cost savings to environmental equity. What can we do for your city, campus or park? Request a session for your team using our COURSE REQUEST.


Virtual Lunch & Learn

Instructor: Determined by location.

The Lunch & Learn presentation will introduce and highlight our collection of site furnishings, their construction, material compositions, durability, use of recycled content and their aesthetic qualities that can be customized for your project. For an in-depth look at site furnishings and the qualities to look for before specification, request a virtual Victor Stanley Lunch & Learn using our COURSE REQUEST.


Virtual Sessions Flyer

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