We have two modern factories in Maryland, USA with 200,000 sq/ft (18,500 sq/m) of manufacturing space that includes computer-driven welding robots, state-of-the-art powder coating systems, and automated metal—and wood—working equipment.


4 Powder Coating Systems

Our self-contained powder coating lines were designed and built to meet the complex requirement of applying a highly durable monolithic coating over complex assemblies and fabrications. This process includes steel shotblasting, thorough cleaning and surface preparation, and a final coating of nontoxic sealer that makes the subsequent powder coating dramatically more effective. The entire cleaning and powder-coating process utilizes no toxic solvents.

12 Welding Robots

To ensure the integrity and consistency of their welds, most joints are electrically welded on precision fixtures by state-of-the-art robots that incorporate artificial intelligence welding techniques. Finished welded assemblies are then stacked and ready to be steel shotblasted, etched, phosphatized, preheated, and electrostatically powder coated.

CNC Cutting Systems

PLASMA CUTTER We have installed a new, state of the art High Definition CNC Plasma Cutter. Controlled by a complex computer system, the CNC uses electrically charged gas, or plasma, to precisely cut through steel up to 2.5” (63.5 mm) thick, producing parts with far greater efficiency and speed than our previous technology.

WATERJET Our complex waterjet cutting system can, with the use of a highly concentrated stream of pure water and microscopic particles of stone, cut precisely through even the thickest steel plate to reproduce the pattern designated by a complex computer system. The result is a zero pollution process for precisely cutting steel parts formed to accuracies measured in ten thousandths of an inch quickly and burr free. This state-of-the-art system expands our flexibility in a manner consistent with our lifelong commitment to using the best technology to bring the best site amenities to market at the lowest cost, in the most environmentally responsible manner.

Pipe Bender

Victor Stanley’s state of the art automated pipe and tube bender is an extremely complex machine that can rotate, move, and bend steel pipe and tubing along its 5-axis system, opening up new and intricate structural and design opportunities for our products, faster and with greater efficiency.


We inventory a huge supply of Ipe to help guard against severe fluctuations in cost and availability. Our sophisticated, highly accurate, multi-axis, computerized woodworking systems precision machine our wood and recycled plastic parts. We have three modern computerized CNC machines.


Our facilities have fully automatic large-scale backup generators. Each facility is capable of generating all of its own electricity indefinitely. The primary purpose of this enormous investment is to guarantee the ability to separate from the electric grid at times when the grid is strained providing power to the general community. As a result, we are capable of making no demand on power suppliers when their systems are operating beyond their most efficient levels. In addition to relieving the supply grid of these loads, the generators make it possible to continue operating during brownouts, blackouts, voltage fluctuations or storm-induced stress.

3D CAD Technology

Advanced 3D CAD technology employing modern Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques to analyze load and stress distribution is used to design and refine our products. Our 3D CAD technology also employs complex Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software to interface with our Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines, and provides digital product specification drawings in SKP, DWG, DXF, and PDF file formats.

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