Relay Presentation

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Panelists: Mike Noone (Moderator), Market Analyst and Solution Developer, Victor Stanley
Matthew Jacob, Enterprise Applications Administrator, Department of Innovation and Performance, City of Pittsburgh
Vincent Martinez, Senior Manager, Downtown Operations, Downtown Denver Partnership
Chad Peevy, Assistant Director of Grounds and Landscapes, Old Dominion University

The City of Pittsburgh, Downtown Denver Partnership, and Old Dominion University have each used Victor Stanley Relay smart litter receptacles to improve their waste collection system. With a combined 1,450 smart trash containers, these organizations have increased operational efficiency, realized substantial cost savings, and re-prioritized tasks by using field data collected over more than one year of use. Covering the problems which are resolved by a smart litter system, the challenges of implementation, the most important data points to keep track of, and the benefits—both operational and environmental—of overhauling a waste collection system into one enhanced by sensors and data, this conversation demonstrates the “smart waste” differences between the city, university, and business improvement district settings. Touching on the addition of Relay dynamic routing to more efficiently navigate to each container, and an expanded suite of sensor functions capable of measuring important environmental factors—including pedestrian counting and pollution detection—this panel will describe a path to greater savings and more critical insight, gathered from use of the Relay system.



Instructor: Mike Noone, Market Analyst and Solution Developer

Planning and running a smart city, modern park, or campus depends on a stream of secure, accurate, real-time data that can be used to make remarkable changes in how we can optimize the use of resources. Relay technology provides it in a street-level sensor that measures fill level, weight and temperature inside waste receptacles, and air quality, foot traffic and noise pollution on the outside. Providing insight for years to track and tackle everything from waste management cost savings to environmental equity. What can we do for your city, campus or park?

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