LA CES™ On-Location Education Sessions

Victor Stanley is a LA CES™ approved provider with several accredited courses registered with the Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System. LA CES defines continuing professional education as learning experiences that enhance and expand the skills, knowledge, and abilities of practicing landscape architects to remain current and render competent professional service to clients and the public. Locations across the USA are available. Request a session for your local area using our COURSE REQUEST.


Credits: 1.0 PDH – HSW  |  Instructor: Determined by location.

In-class PowerPoint presentation educates the attendee about the structural and aesthetic qualities and implementation techniques of site furnishings. In the introduction we define the term site furnishings and walk through the basics of each kind of product under this umbrella terminology. Next we will list and explain the popular materials used to make these products. Metal, wood, and recycled plastic are the most common materials but there are plenty of subsets under each. This course is designed to explain all of the benefits and limitations of each material type for both aesthetic and durability. Once we have defined all of the structural and design aspects of the products, the presentation will outline the many different project types that can be enhanced with installation of site furnishings. This will lead to an in depth conversation about traditional vs. modern design, material options and the feeling each emits, and spacing/placement of products. After we have covered design/build and application/installation of the products, we will discuss the specifics of ADA compliance according to federal regulations. The course will end with a discussion about the future of site furnishing applications. How does the smart city movement affect site furnishings? There will be room at the end for Q&A.

Learning Objectives:
Develop an understanding of all types of site furnishings | Understand the materials used in production of these products and the pros/cons of each | Discuss aesthetic applications of each material and product design | Discuss the many different project types that may require, or could be enhanced by, site furnishings | Develop an understanding of local and national ADA standards regulations | Look into the future: What are future modifications, uses, and applications of site furnishings?

Session Flyer: Site Furnishings

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