Recycled Plastic Slats

We offer both standard recycled slats and our 2nd Site Systems® slats that combine recycled plastic with a reinforcing A36 steel bar to make it “plug-compatible” with the best wood slats available. Our attractive and durable recycled slats shed water, resist rot, and are easily cleaned. Slats include UV inhibitors, resemble wood, and come in Black, Espresso, Light Gray, Wheat. 2nd Site Systems® material is our creative solution to using recyclable resources and providing superb design choices.

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1. Each 2nd Site Systems® slat is precision-machined to receive a reinforcing spine and fasteners. Machined slots terminate before the ends of the slats, hiding the interface.
2. The reinforcing A36 steel bar is inserted and fasteners are placed into precisely located, countersunk holes.
3. The holes are covered with filler material. The slats are installed in the same configuration as wood slats.


2nd Site Systems® Reinforced Recycled Plastic

When we were first asked to include recycled slats in our product offering, we wanted to be able to offer recycled products that were “plug-compatible” with the very best wood species available. Our guiding principle required that we find or develop a material which met the same design criteria as the best wood slats, so that there need not be any change in the overall character of any site plan or the amenities used in public places.

After years of development work, the result is 2nd Site Systems®, our method of reinforcing recycled plastic that has been awarded US and Canada patents. There is more going on than the drawings suggest. Two radically dissimilar materials must occupy the same space, although they react to changes in temperature, stress, expansion, etc. very differently. Precision machining of fastenings and interfaces is accomplished using state-of-the-art CNC equipment. Allowance must be made for the shrinking and swelling of materials in dramatically different ways. There is a critical interface that exists between these two materials and we must provide for its integrity independent of the direction in which stress is applied or temperatures change. This is why the grooves are precision machined.

2nd Site Systems® as well as our standard recycled slats are both truly recycled. The major raw material for the plastic slats is pre-consumer recycled plastic. All fabricated A36 steel bar components are stainless steel, the raw material for which is recycled scrap steel. This remarkable product fulfills both the concept and the spirit of creative recycling, using recyclable resources, and providing superb design options.

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