Parabolic dishes installed with seating create visual ambiance and acoustic interaction.

Reflecting Dishes
Clap, speak, and stop sound with a wave of the hand! When speaking at the center between the two 8-foot dishes, two dynamic curved forms reflect and focus sound waves to amplify one’s voice. When clapping, an acoustic feedback loop starts with a clap and ends with a wave of the hand.

Reflecting Dish
Throughout history, cultures have created a special space for listening and communal music making. The singular 8-foot curved dish reflects sounds back to the players and audiences and ameliorates traffic noises.

Listening Dishes
These interconnected 4-foot ‘big ears’ communicate over 100′, and bring conversations up close, and personal.

From Indonesia to concert halls, gongs have amplified the pulse of the planet through their rich deep resonant vibrations, no need for a mallet.

For over 40 years, artist/musician team, Bill and Mary Buchen, have designed public art installations and interactive sound sculptures for parks, schools, science centers, transit stations, children’s museums and playgrounds around the world. Their artworks invite active play and group participation; whether tapping rhythms on percussion instruments inspired by global music cultures or investigating environmental phenomena.

Designed to engage all ages and skill levels in communal music making and sonic explorations, their innovative sound sculptures are available either individually or as an integrated ensemble for any outdoor recreational or educational setting. All are precision fabricated in the USA of powder–coated or stainless steel and designed for ultimate durability, low maintenance and easy bolt-down installation.

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