The Sage Dual Side-Door Recycling Station with two 45-gal (170 L) liners joins contemporary and functional design with enduring strength. We engineered Sage to withstand flexing and distortion inherent in perforated sheet metal while keeping the design serviceable, long lasting, and attractive. Sage Dual features a full interior steel frame, strong exterior panels formed from 11-gauge steel nested in solid-steel frames, and our signature friction-eliminating hinges. The side door’s hinges incorporate stainless-steel pins and oil-impregnated bronze bushings, eliminating friction and maximizing the lifespan of the product.

Two lids in any combination: Wide mouth convex lid, recycle lid and/or slotted lid.


All Sage litter receptacles and recycling stations are available upon request with a 6-month trial of Victor Stanley Relay™.

All fabricated metal components are steel shot-blasted, etched, phosphatized, preheated and electrostatically powder-coated with TGIC polyester powder coatings.

Other standard features include two high-density plastic liners and rubber-tipped leveling feet on the base.

Interior plastic liners for our recycling stations offer substantial value and are produced on molds that we designed and own. These plastic cans are reinforced, ribbed, and molded for durability, ease of use and greater capacity.


Victor Stanley Relay™ Sensor & Service. Perforated steel panels. Solid steel panels (without perforation). Recycle lid. Slotted lid. Dual-flow lid. Half-Moon liners. Custom decals.

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