Lighter weight design resembling our industry-standard Ironsites® Collection. Smaller scale with 1/4 in (6.4 mm) thick vertical steel bars.

Standard tapered formed lid. 36 gal (136 L). Top horizontal steel band. Bottom recessed pedestal.


All fabricated metal components are steel shotblasted, etched, phosphatized, preheated and electrostatically powder-coated with TGIC polyester powder coatings.

Other standard features include a formed lid attached to the frame with two vinyl-coated steel aircraft cables, a high-density plastic liner, and rubber-tipped leveling feet on the base.

Interior plastic liners for our litter receptacles offer substantial value and are produced on molds that we designed and own. These plastic cans are reinforced, ribbed, and molded for durability, ease of use, and greater capacity.


Available with dome, rain bonnet or spherical dome lids. Dome lid (ashtrays available). Convex lid (self-close door available). Rain bonnet lid (ashtrays available). Spherical dome lid (self-close door available). Recycle lids. Galvanized steel liner (powder coat available). Half-Moon liners. Custom decals and plaques.

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136L with Optional Dome Lidsaveloading
136L with Standard Tapered Lidsaveloading
36 Gallon with Optional Dome Lidsaveloading
36 Gallon with Standard Tapered Lidsaveloading
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