RB-28 Steelsites™ RB Benches in a back-to-back configuration, Kingston Station, Kingston (Ontario), Canada
C-10 Classic Benches, S-42 Ironsites® Litter Receptacles, Rosemere (Suburb of Montreal) Quebec, Canada
S-42 Ironsites® Litter Receptacles, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

S-13 Ironsites® Benches with Special Intermediate Armrests, Opera Place Park, Toronto (Ontario), Canada
RB-28 Steelsites™ RB Benches, Aurora Public Library, Aurora, Ontario, Canada
RBF-28 Steelsites™ RB Benches, University of Toronto, Student Family Residence Rooftop Garden, Toronto (Ontario), Canada
RB-28 Steelsites™ RB Benches, Winston Churchill Memorial, Queen Street at City Hall, Toronto (Ontario), Canada


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