Many thousands of installations of our products can be found throughout the United States and Canada. We also export to more than twenty other countries. Below is just a small sampling of Victor Stanley installations in various settings worldwide. Imagine how they will look in yours.

  • steel bench

    St Joseph’s Hospital, Ontario, Canada

  • litter receptacle with custom band decals

    Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

  • steel rod bench

    Fairway Station Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

  • curved bench

    West Chester University, Pennsylvania

  • curved steel bench

    Packet Boat Landing Apartments, New York

  • steel bench

    Gander Heritage Memorial Park, Canada

  • table with attached seating

    Wescott Park, North Charleston, South Carolina

  • litter receptacle with custom band decals

    Rutgers University, New Jersey

  • bench with ductile iron end frames

    Orlando, Florida

  • round steel table with attached seating

    New York Institute of Technology

  • recycled steel litter receptacle

    Inner Harbor, Baltimore, Maryland

  • recycled steel litter receptacle with custom band decals

    Spectrum Center, Charlotte, North Carolina

  • steel table and seats

    Boca Raton, Florida

  • steel bench

    Columbus, Ohio

  • steel bench memorial

    Douglasville Military Honor Garden

  • steel bench

    University of Louisville, Kentucky

  • recycled steel litter receptacle

    Art Institute of Chicago, South Garden, Illinois

  • perforated litter receptacle

    Naperville, Illinois

  • steel bench

    Dede Plaza, Indiana State University, Indiana

  • bistro tables and stools

    Northland Center, Bloomington, Minnesota

  • wood bench

    Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers, Florida

  • center armrest

    Constitution Park, Deerfield Beach, Florida

  • bistro tables

    Ocala Downtown Farm Market, Ocala, Florida

  • Santa Barbara, California

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